Monday, 10 November 2014

Ribbon cutting inaugurates Beaconsfield's cycle network

Braving a light drizzle, around a dozen cyclists set off from Beaconsfield Town Hall for an inaugural ride around the town's new cycle network on Saturday morning (November 8).

With them was Buckinghamshire County Council Leader Martin Tett, who had deftly snipped a celebratory ribbon to mark the opening of the new network.

The improvements are a result of work the County Council has done with Beaconsfield Cycle Paths Action Group, Sustrans, and Chiltern Railways, to improve cycling links around the town. The county council secured around £500,000 in funding for the scheme.

Martin Tett said: 'This is a good example of great partnership working and we hope it will be well used by commuters and local cyclists getting around town. I wish we had more money to develop cycle schemes like this.'

The new cycle lanes, signs, traffic calming, raised pedestrian crossings, and a mini roundabout make it easier for commuters to cycle to the station and safer for local walkers, cyclists and motorists.

As part of the scheme, in April local County Councillor Adrian Busby unveiled new under-cover cycle parking at Beaconsfield railway station, doubling the number of spaces to 180. Usage is rising and is currently around 90 a day.