Monday, 13 February 2017

TfB Twitter and Facebook Policy FAQ

Q: Is TfB social media monitored 24/7?
A: No. A Transport for Buckinghamshire communications officer will monitor Twitter and Facebook during working hours, 9 – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Q: But I saw a tweet from TfB Alerts on Saturday evening, who sent that?
A: From time to time, particularly during winter, tweets will be sent by us outside of working hours. Every day between October and March we dispatch a gritting decision tweet, which is sent by one of our staff from home, with no access to other work resources. We also sometimes schedule tweets and Facebook posts using Hootsuite, to go out at the desired times of the evening or weekend. 

Q: Can I report pot holes via Twitter and Facebook?
A: Ideally, no. The best and most efficient way for you to report anything to TfB, from feedback and compliments to complaints and reports of problems on the highway, is to use our website. By logging on the website, your report will receive a unique Customer Reference Number that you can track afterwards to see its progress. This is the quickest way for your comments and queries to get to the correct person.

Q: What if it’s an emergency?
A: If it’s an emergency, definitely don’t report it on Twitter or Facebook! Phone our 24 hour contact line, 01296 382416 or 01296 486630 (out of hours) and tell us directly.

Q: But I’ve seen you accept reports through Twitter in the past?
A: Our communications officers use their judgment about how to deal with reports that come in on Twitter during working hours. If the report seems urgent, or the officer has the time to act on it on behalf of the Tweeter, they will. Out of hours, however, it will simply not be seen. In general, our policy is to direct social media users to reporting on the website links listed below.

Q: How do I report a pot hole?
A: By logging it online, here, and getting a customer reference number. You can then track the report’s progress here. If you provide an email address on your report you will also receive automated updates via email.

Q: Where do I report a broken streetlight?
A: Here, using the interactive map. It helps if you have noted the column number of the light in question. This map will also tell you if the light has already been reported, or if it is part of an energy saving initiative.

Q: Where do I report something else, that’s not a pothole or streetlight?
A: Whether it’s an issue on a public right of way, or a blocked drain, you can report all other highway issues on the website.

Q: I want to complain!
A: Sorry to hear that, but you can do so here. You can also use that link to give us general feedback, or pay us a compliment for a job well done.