Thursday, 23 March 2017

TfB Teams work through the night to spring clean A412 Denham

Morning commuters on the A412 may have noticed the road looking ship shape today after Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) teams worked over night to carry out maintenance, clearance, and drainage works on the road.

More than 20 TfB team members worked the night shift, closing the road at 8pm last night, Wednesday 22nd March, to make pothole repairs, carry out small scale resurfacing, and clear drainage channels – as well as cutting some new ones. As a result of the investigations carried out to the drainage systems, only possible under a full road closure, more improvements will be scheduled later in the year.

The roadsides got the ‘once over’ too – vegetation was cleared to improve visibility for drivers, and road signs were cleaned, all in time to reopen the road at 5am ahead of the Thursday commuting hours. The team had also been in place earlier in the day, with lane closures only between 9.30am and 3.30pm so as not to disrupt traffic at peak hours.

County Councillor Mark Shaw, who is the cabinet member for transportation, praised the team for their hard work, and for using their initiative to multi task while the road was closed, saying ‘it’s great that the team managed to kill several birds with one stone, achieving so much in one road closure, causing minimal disruption to local residents. It was really forward thinking of the local team to use their time and equipment efficiently and effectively, to give a really good service to the local community – I’d like to thank them for working through the night and making such an impact on the quality of the road. Well done all!’