Friday, 11 April 2014

Grass cutting programme launches

Tuesday 8th March
With spring in the air, Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) started its grass cutting programme on the April 7.

Grass cutting takes place during the summer months and is carried out to provide good visibility in order to ensure safety for road users. The programme is split into two parts - urban and rural.
Urban grass cutting refers to verges within 30 and 40 mph speed limit signs. Rotary blade mowers are used for this work. This year, TfB is carrying out this work itself rather than using an outside contractor, allowing cost savings and a more efficient programme. TfB has nine crews with three men in each who work through the season and will carry out six scheduled cuts for urban areas, which is one cut every five weeks.

Rural grass cutting refers to verges between village and town name signs. This year two scheduled cuts including 'rural vision splays' (cutting of grass around road junctions) will be carried out by TfB's contract partner, Robert North.

Cut grass is not routinely collected, but is cleared from footpaths using hand blowers where possible.
Ruth Vigor-Hedderly, Cabinet Member for Transportation said:
"We're pleased to be able to provide the service ourselves, enabling us to make essential cost savings. And more good news - you will also be able to check our progress online."

You can check the progress of TfB's grass cutting programme online